Escrow DEAL

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Escrow DEAL

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:00 am

1 : WHAT IS IT ?

BUSY ( Escrow Service ) is a service that give the possibilty for both sellers and buyers in anycase of deal to be safe . The buyer pays the money due to the seller to altenen Escrow and it's released only when he confirms that we can do so.
If any problems is occured, the buyer who paid to the altenen Escrow must explain the problems, and will see his money refunded.The buyer have then no chance to loose his money, since the seller will not see any cents of it till he confirms. And for the seller, we know that alot of personn never pay after that the seller deliver his work, or loose his time.With ATN, the seller knows at the beginning that the buyer is a serious member that got the money and already paid

Avantage for the buyer :

- He is safe during all the deal, his money is with us.

Avantage for the seller :

- He knows that the buyer paid the Escrow, wich means that he knows that the buyer have the money and he is serious

In both case, the BUSY reduce probabilty of getting scammed for the buyer, and loosing his time for the seller

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